Aug 08

Vote The Infatuations To Be Featured In The Season Finale Of E! Channels OPENING ACT! VOTE DAILY!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE For The Infatuations To Be On E! Channels Opening Act Season Finale!


Hey Everyone,


Please Vote for The Infatuations: We have entered a contest to be featured on the Season Finale of E!’s Opening Act! A Facebook account is required to vote. Please vote for us 1 time per day from August 6th 2012 thru August 12th 2012 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.

The Infatuations had to choose an approved song and we chose The Temptations hit “My Girl”. Gotta show that Detroit Love!!!

Voting has to be done through Facebook via E’s Website.

First you have to LIKE the Opening Act! FB Page.
Click Here >——–> https://www.facebook.com/OpeningActOnE

The Click on the OPPORTUNITY ROCKS VIDEO CONTEST photo or go to this link:


Look for OPPORTUNITY ROCKS in the middle to the page. If it’s not Highlighted in Blue with White Letters click on Opportunity Rocks. Click on LOG INTO FACEBOOK NOW. Click on CONTINUE.

SEARCH: The Infatuations
Watch the video of us playing My Girl in a club and when it’s done click VOTE.

Please spread the word to everyone you know so The Infatuations can become the next Opening Act! on E!. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We really appreciate all of the love and support all of you have given.

Thank you,
The Infatuations

Peace, Love, and FUNK!

GET A FREE download of BLAME IT ON YOU! www.theinfatuations.com





Simply Click Here To Vote For The Infatuations To Be Featured On The Season Finale Of E! Channels Opening Act Tv Show!


Thank You All For Voting And Please Remember To Share This Link And Vote Daily To Improve The Infatuations Chances Of Winning!

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