LoveTheBeaver.com Is Designed To Help Promote Businesses, Products & Parties. We Also Specialize In Planning Your Birthday Party, Bachelor Party  Or Any Other Type Of Party For You And Yours. Within Our Community We Have Several Businesses That Use Our Services And Allow Us To Help You, Enjoy Your Party Or Event.  We Wanna Make Sure That When Ever You See Our Logo That You Know It Will Be An Amazing Time!  Contact Us About What Your Needs For Promotion May Be And Let LoveTheBeaver Help You!  Several Packages Available To Suit Whatever Your Goals May Be.  Need A DJ? Band?  Whatever Your Need May Be, We Can Help You Make It Even Better. Need Customers? See How We Can Help!


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  1. Adam Smith

    Love the Beaver!!! Join us not only on Facebook, but also YouTube. We’ll eventually take over Blog and Twitter. Beavers stay busy afterall, right?

  2. Adam Smith

    Sorry, trying to get my link straight on YT.

  3. Susan

    Hey there Mr. Brian,

    See, I told you I’d check out this website! lol So now I have to check you out on facebook.

    I know you’re busy, so I won’t keep you – hope you have a great day today and thanks again for letting us follow you at least part of the way home this morning. I feel awful about the fact that you went back looking for us and we hadn’t even called to tell you we were getting off the freeway, but I was falling asleep and Cheryl had to take over for the last leg of the trip. I watched you guys drive off, I remember that, and we changed seats in the car at the intersection, got right back on the highway but you were long gone. I also think I was probably asleep about 15 minutes after we were back on the road. I apologize for us not letting you know we were leaving you!

    Hope to see you again sometime, and thank you again!


  4. Chris Balaskas


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